Body Fat Reduction Week 3

by Keith | Weight Loss Blog | Body Fat Percentage on June 8, 2012

OK I have just completed week 3 of my new body fat reduction plan. My plan for week 3 was to drop about 2 pounds in body weight and see a reduction in my body fat percentage on the body fat scales. Let’s see if I have achieved my goals this week.

At weeks threes weekly weigh in, I have lost 0.8 pounds in body weight and shown a body fat reduction of 0.8% on the body fat scales. What does this mean then in terms of body composition.

207.2 pounds or 14 stone 11.2 pounds


Well it means I am carrying 54.9 lbs of body fat and 152.3 lbs of lean body mass. Which means for this week I have lost 1.9 pounds of body fat and gained 0.9 pound of lean mass. These results are taken from body fat scales, so they are not 100% accurate. But they are a nice way of quickly knowing if you are shifting the correct type of weight.

What’s the point of losing lean body mass each week. In affect you are getting lighter on the scales. But effectively you are getting fatter, the past three weeks as been a learning experience and my body is getting use to my new daily calorie intake.

So from this point on I will hopefully see a slow and steady lowering of my body fat percentage on my body fat scales.

This week diet wise, I have been fairly strict with my diet plan. I did go out on Sunday night for a pizza and beers. Which took me well over for that day on my daily calorie intake.

Exercise wise I completed 4 weight training workout, with just one 20 minute high intensity cardio workouts. Over the coming months I Want to up this to around 3 to 4 short cardio workouts each week.

Tomorrow I go on a stag weekend to Berlin, which means lots of excess calories taken in from junk food and beer. But I get back on Tuesday night so hopefully, I have a few days to get back on track and see another drop in body weight and body fat percentage at next Friday’s weekly weigh in.



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