How To Lose 5 Pounds In One Week

by Keith | Weight Loss Blog | Body Fat Percentage on April 19, 2011

Whilst I do not recommend doing this week in week out. It is possible to lose 5 pounds in one week quite easily by doing a few simple things. If you are just starting out on a diet and exercise plan, then it is very likely that you will lose five pounds and more in the first week. Just like I did when I started my fat loss journey in fact I managed to lose a whopping 7 pounds in body weight. How was this possible, well because I had spent months and months eating junk food. My body was holding on to quite a lot of water. By exercising, eating less and dieting I was quickly able to lose lots of excess water weight, which my body was holding on to.

How to lose five pounds in 1 week – The Diet Plan!

If you have been dieting and exercising for a while now and need to lose those 5 extra pounds maybe for that special occasion coming up where you want to look your best and fit into a stunning dress or outfit. Then here is another way that you can do it, I was able to achieve quick weight loss by following the 3 day tuna fish and water diet plan. Basically this diet is simple you eat tuna around 6 times per day for 3 days and drink lots of water. Make sure that you supplement the diet with multivitamins and a fibre supplement such as BeneFiber. This is because you will not get important nutrients and vitamins from just eating tuna fish.

One thing you must remember though is to never follow this diet plan for longer than 3 days. If you are a regular reader of this weight loss blog. You will know that I do not recommend rapid weight loss diets. This is because they slow down your metabolic rate to a snails pace, meaning it becomes much easier to gain weight once you return to a more normal way of eating. The 3 day tuna and water diet, is great because it doesn’t give your body time to adjust its metabolism to suit the reduction in calories. I have done this diet myself a few times over the last few years and let me tell you this it works. But it is not easy, eating tuna and nothing else, makes you tired and the taste is not that nice. To improve the taste of the tuna, try adding herbs and spices to it.

If your goal is to quickly lose 5 pounds in just one week, then this 3 day diet plan may just be what you are looking for. Another thing that you will need to remember when following this diet plan. Is to slow down on your exercise, this is because this is a calorie reduced diet plan without the carbohydrates. Carbs, especially simple carbs are needed to fuel hard and intense workouts. If you try the diet plan and it works, do not get into the habit of doing it every few weeks. This is an extreme way to lose five pounds in 1 week and should only be done once every few months.

How to lose 5 pounds in just one week – Things to remember!

Rapid weight loss over the long term is foolish, because number one it slows down the metabolism. Number two most of the weight you lose on these diet plans is lean body mass and not body fat. Meaning that even though you are losing lots of body weight, you are actually becoming fatter. I know this sounds strange but it is true. If you are dieting and exercising to lose weight, then you must measure your body fat percentage on a weekly basis, this will help ensure that the body weight you are losing is fat. If you are finding that you are losing lean body mass, then up your protein intake and try adding resistance training into your exercise plan. A final word on how to lose 5 pounds in one week. It is OK, to lose this amount of weight in one week, but ever try to lose this amount week in week out. Follow an healthy diet and exercise plan and try not to lose more than 1 to 2 pounds each week.

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great tips, i like fishes too so its good diet, keep it up
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